I Love You…

awesome love

You suffered along with those in prison and joyfully accepted the confiscation of your property, because you knew that you, yourselves had better and lasting possessions (Heb 10:34).

Jesus told his followers, “Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also” (Matt 6:21). As we focus on the Lord and all that we have in HIM, even our most precious possessions can be held lightly.

Prayer: Lord, open our eyes to see you and to embrace what is most important each day.


I have to stop and pause today to embrace what is important today. Loving one another… Why is it that we live in a world where jealousy, envy and animosity consumes our hearts? Even those that say GOD is the head of their household. No, not the case… Why is it that I can see you every day and we smile, laugh, and joke but when you get home at night, you speak of my failures, you gloat on my downfalls. No, not the case… Why can’t you speak life into my life, instead of death? Why can’t you wish me well when I’m sick? What is the world becoming? Is there anyone, anymore which wishes me well in good faith? I know I’m not perfect but I’m seeking GOD’s heart continuously. Which makes me an imperfect soldier in his army!!!



once upon today

I shall not whither, I shall not be afraid

This is the life I’m born to live,

I believe this more and more each day.

To be a mouthpiece, and to restore

A sense of peace, joy and the American way to any individual that I meet or come my way.

Can’t be afraid of what lies ahead?

I now understand the obstacles before

prepared me for the battle at hand

I understand the sacrifices that I’m about to make

But through these sacrifices, my destiny will be great.

I shall not whither, I shall not be afraid

This is the life I’m born to live

I believe this more and more each day

God guided my footsteps all along;

And even though I made bad choices,

He guided me back to the throne.

You see, years ago. I got on my knees

I ask God, A man I knew nothing about

To help me to believe

And On this day, He heard me and said to me

“Child, I’ve been at your heels waiting to carry

You through these streets!”

You see, all along He was near

Even when I thought no one was there.

This is why I shall not whither

This is why I shall not be afraid

This is the life I’m destined to live

I know this now, Just Today!!

A Letter of Comfort…

To my Comforter, my Provider, my Everything:


I sit here wondering why the devil is constantly trying to fight with me. He’s always testing my patience and faith in you. He’s always trying to have me second guess myself, when all I do is try to read, absorb and devour your word. The more I do so, the calmer I begin to be, the more patience that I begin to develop because NOW I’m beginning to understand; the more I seek you, the more the devil is attacking me. Even though I have a long way to go with developing me into a better person; I’m still proud of the many accomplishments that I have already made, by the grace of GOD. Even though they may seem little to some, they are big for me. They are mine to love. No matter how big or small, my accomplishments mean the world to me, for they are reason that I move on.

I have begun to realize that my growth is my strength, my defense from the devil. He is definitely in my face trying to convince me that I am a screw-up; but I rebuke the devil     IN JESUS NAME…


I speak happiness over my life and the lives of family and friends.

I speak strength over my life and the lives of family and friends.

I speak peace over my life and the lives of family and friends.

I speak deliverance over my life and the lives of family and friends.

I desire JESUS in my life and in the life of my family and friends.

Just when it seems nothing else could go wrong, it usually does. All that matters is that you continue to praise GOD and thank him for his many blessings; seen and unseen. Whether you are Up or Down, let’s remember to Thank Him anyway…

Praying in your Holy Name…

Knowing Myself

Some lessons in life can be very hard to decipher… but one lesson that I’m determined to master is the mastery of self… Today I’m devoted to knowing myself, seeing myself, accepting myself, and being myself. No matter what I’m facing in life, I know myself. No matter what another has done to me, I see myself. No matter how many times I might fail, I accept myself. No matter who’s around, I will be myself. So today, I trust myself; trust that I can do it; trust that my life is a classroom lesson that will continue to provide me opportunities of strength, wisdom, and the necessary tools to mastering being myself. #TRUSTGOD


To survive is to stand strong, stand tall

Do whatever it takes to get on top,

Study hard, work hard, be the best at all times.

To survive is to cry, feel pain, but never be defeated.

To be able to go through any trial and any obstacle,

And say when it’s all over “Job Well Done!” it’s completed.

To survive doesn’t mean every day is a gloomy one,

But every day is a lesson,

So to survive you must be capable to learn from every day.

To survive is to smile, even when the world is cold.

To survive is to get up, even when your body feels old.

To survive is to love, even when everyone else wants to hate.

To survive is to be a woman, which everyone loves to hate.

strong woman.jpg
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Every chance I get I go to the beach and just lay there. Listening to the laughter of the children, listening to conversations of peace and joy, listening to the gigantic waves of the ocean’s shore. The joys of a Saturday off, finally in two long months. I was ecstatic. Just as the sun was about to sit, I turned on my back to look up at the pretty blue sky. You can see the stars were beginning to peek out from the now orange, fluorescent illuminated sky. I truly enjoy the serenity that the beautiful sunset gives me. My mind flows freely; the thoughts and visions come flowing through. I sat up now, as this thought flashed through my mind, it was so good I had to jot it down.


Just then I heard a yell, not just any yell. It was the shriek of a mother’s cry. When I turned and looked, a mother was holding a precious baby girl that seemed to be seizing. I called 911 as I rushed to her side. As a nursing assistant, we are trained to be careful who you assist, but as a mother I didn’t care about the consequences. I immediately sprang into action; following every medical procedure to protect that young baby girl. I seemed to have gotten her into a neutral state, then suddenly she fell limp into my arms. As a new mother myself, I felt the mother’s agony as she cried “Please save my daughter, she is all that I have.” Immediately, I begun CPR, in an attempt to revive the little angel. The ambulance finally arrived, none short of me reviving the sweet angel. After the EMS checked out the young baby girl, they started asking the mother questions about the baby. It was then, I was informed that this sweet baby girl was HIV positive. My heart dropped but yet at that very moment, I heard a sweet, serene voice say “You did my work. You have my DNA. You would be fine.” I was startled at first, but yet felt a sense of relief. At that time in my life, I didn’t have the knowledge that I have now.

As recommended by EMS, I followed protocol and received medicine and went to all follow-up treatments. So I received my blood results “All Clear” said the nurse on the phone. I chuckled. The nurse sounded confused on the phone; when she asked “What was so funny? You had the scare of your life and you laugh.” I replied gracefully, “On the beach that day, I was told you have my DNA, your fine.” So I decided then that I was going to trust and believe.

But how many of you know, even when you don’t think GOD’s there, HE is? There are times when we don’t want HIM to intervene because we know we aren’t living right, and our unclean souls just isn’t a place for HIM to dwell. But GOD is so awesome that HE would stick his arm out that one last time and inject HIS arm so you don’t overdose. HE would get behind the wheel of that car and drive you home, so you don’t get into that accident. HE would take that bullet for you that was supposed to kill you. GOD says so many times I want to show my miracles through you. I want the drug addict, adulterer, liar, murderer, and thief; I want the scorn, torn and broken hearted, so I can give them a blood transfusion. Inject my DNA into their minds, bodies and souls and move through them miraculously. You see, once you have my DNA, my blood flowing through you; I now can protect you. I no longer see your sins; I see an imperfect soldier in GOD’s army. So I will continuously fight and go to war for a child of mine.

Now I spoke of that sweet, young baby because after that her mother and I remained friends. Her precious girl lived to be 15 years old before she lost her battle to HIV. Her mother died three years thereafter. Some people might say that’s sad, but I say that’s GOD. I’ve got to learn compassion, love and faith through the life of a baby girl; a complete stranger.

As I mentioned before, you can be someone’s miracle. You never know the impact you can have on someone’s life or theirs on yours.

Live like GOD intended for you to live with love, peace and happiness.

Some things we can’t control, accept that.

Some things we can’t change, accept that too.

But strength and wisdom is of GOD, embrace it.

It’s yours because GOD says so.

Aren’t you grateful to have that good blood? The blood that filters and cleans your soul daily.

Thank you Lord for injecting me with your DNA.



There are moments in our life when we don’t understand, the obstacles that we are faced, and the storms that we have to endure. But I challenge you to stand through the storm and face that obstacle because the Devil is always busy trying to distract us from what God has in store for us. There is nothing too hard for God… Stay and Pray, Pray and Listen, He will tell you what to do… If that storm is coming to close a door, let it close because another bigger door shall open. Be obedient, Trust and Have Faith, God has your back even if he’s giving you a beating for being disobedient… pink-momentHave a blessed day!!