The Power of Love

How many of you have been to a place where you feel your significant other is the best thing that ever happened to you? But OH!!! How they get on your nerves sometimes. It’s funny, but I believe many of us, feel that way about our significant others. . Some of our better halves are so helpful, or not at all. Some can be so romantic, or don’t have a clue what romance is. All we know is, their mine and I love them with all my heart. They may not be perfect for anyone else. As long as they’re perfect for me.

I say all of that, because my relationship with my husband, is quite awkward. Genuine love, but definitely an awkward type of love. You see, my husband is a laid back, calm, cool, and collective kind of guy… But He can burst like a firecracker, at the most inopportune moments! Unlike his wife, who is kindhearted, fun, and outgoing, but would bust your bubble whenever it needs to be busted, and won’t be ashamed about it. I have no filter for my mouth! Which makes us the perfect couple! We complement each other in every way. For this, I love him with all my heart, he is the only one that can keep me calm and make me laugh when I want to rip someone’s head off! Yet, he knows just what buttons to push to make me crazy. What a crazy thing called love!

Love makes you do the craziest things. It gives you butterflies in your stomach. It makes your gray skies turn blue. It gives you light at night which makes the moonlight shine very bright… Oh! That crazy thing called love makes you feel like you are in heaven, when you are probably living in hell. There is nothing in this world that can change your mind about love, once you are in love. Ladies and Gents, you know what I’m talking about. I love being in love! Life never seems so hard, when you have someone you love to share it with.

Just like yesterday, I think it was the worst day of my life. I was feeling like the world was over, and my life was about to be end because my husband and I were upset with each other. It seems like I couldn’t function. I couldn’t think straight. Why couldn’t he understand that I’m there for him always?! He’s probably thinking she doesn’t get my point. She’s trying to make me feel less of a man. Then he came to terms that I’m wasn’t there to hurt him or make him feel less of a man. He understood that I love him more than life itself because he continued to shower me with his love, even after our bad disagreement, we both came to terms that our union was a union orchestrated by God himself. He realized that life will never be the same without me in his world. Just as I realized that life would never be the same without him in my world. God placed us together for all the right reasons, so no man shall tear that apart. To have that kind of love is phenomenal! To have a love that is spiritually in tune is amazing!!. These are the powers of love!!!

Love is so powerful, you rejoice when the devil tries to attack you. Love is so powerful, no obstacle is too hard for you to handle. Love is so powerful, it seems as if you’re walking on water when there is nowhere else for you to go. Oh my! Love is so powerful!!!

The power of love

One day I was sitting at the beach. Most people who know me, know that the beach is my favorite place to be. Water is my inspiration. So, my husband loves to take me there any and every chance he gets. Usually when we get there, we stroll alongside the water and listen to the waves against the shore. I tell him what the water is saying to me at that moment, and he listens tentatively, grasping on to my every word. But on this particular day, I couldn’t walk for some reason, so we sat against the shoreline. My husband laid down and I leaned against his chest and I began to write what the water was saying to me at that time. Suddenly, this older lady came strolling alongside the shoreline. She looked at me and smiled. She continued to walk, and you can tell that she too was enjoying the voices that speak from the water. She turned back around, and in the sweetest, melodic voice I’ve ever heard, said “Young love, I love to see two people in Love. Is that your husband? He must have been tired. He is resting so peacefully.” I turned my head to look. Yes, he was sound asleep like a little baby. I chuckled, I was so engulfed in my writing, I never realized he went to sleep. I responded softly, “Yes ma’am, this is my husband. I didn’t realize he went to sleep. I guess I should get him home.” “No dear, Let him rest.” She said. “This soothing atmosphere put him to sleep. His lioness is at work. He is safe with you. That’s why I said, I love to see two people in love. You see, a man will never be at peace, if he has no one he can trust. A man will never settle and step up if he has no one to confide in that he trusts. A man will never give any relationship his all if he doesn’t have the right woman that will support him, guide him, lift him up when he is down, confide in and trust. You see, I walk up and down the streets often. I love to see what the world has to offer now, which don’t seem to be much, but every now and again I pass by two people who are truly in love and it makes my heart skip a beat. Love is powerful young lady. It is strong. It is wise. It is encouraging and above all, it comes solely from GOD. You could never truly understand love, if you don’t know GOD. We, as humans, need to get back to that place, where we know GOD; so we can know what love, generosity and grace really is.” I suddenly was engulfed by her every word. I guess this is the feeling that my husband feels when he listens to me alongside the shoreline. I wanted her to speak forever so I asked her kindly, “Would you like to take a load of those little legs and have a seat with me?” She smiled, at that moment I realized she was the prettiest, little black lady I’ve ever seen. She had such smooth brown skin, pretty teeth, lovely smile, and an angelic face. She stood no taller than 4’11. She said, “No dear, I can’t sit down. My old bones won’t make it up if I do and I have a little more walking to do. I just wanted to stop and commend you on a job well done. You seem like a loving young lady, a great mother, and a woman who strives for excellence. I know we aren’t perfect beings, but you seem to strive and thirst to live in righteousness.” At that time, I looked at her kind of funny because now she’s speaking as if she knows me. So I asked, “I’m sorry. But have we met before?” She said, “I’ve met you once, but I had to go and you never got to see me again. But I have been watching you my dear. I’ve watched you transform and become the loving woman that you are right now. I thought it was the right time, since I had the opportunity to see you again. You are on the right path. Faith has gotten you this far. Continue to walk by Faith. You are surrounded by a lot of angels! They are forever protecting you. Continue to be the rock for the family and for the community. This is who you are. Sometimes it seems hard, but GOD has your back. Your husband has your back, as you have his. I have to go now. Continue to remember that Love is of GOD. You two are a beautiful couple.” It seemed as if she was about to cry. I asked if everything was OK. She spoke softly, “I’m OK now. I’ve always been worried about Junior, but he has you now. You balance him out. You will keep each other encouraged. You both will keep the children encouraged so I’m OK now.” I looked surprised and asked “Ma’am, do you know my husband?” She smiled slyly, “I’ve known him all his life. Just do me a favor. I know you love those kids, so don’t ever stop being who you are with them. They will thank you later. GOD only knows they’re situation with their mother isn’t right. And Continue to watch over my Junior for me.” I turned to wake my husband up because I swear I never met this lady before. But when my husband awoke, she was gone. I never got to see where she went. It was the strangest thing. I’m babbling on to my husband on what just happened, what she said. What she called him. He looked at me as if I was crazy. How can a little old lady just disappear in thin air? He laughed at me. I was appalled that he thought I was bugging out. He decided it was time to take me home. I needed to rest. I was determined I wasn’t going home until I saw this lady again. So now I’m up and down the beach with my husband looking for this little lady. Just my luck, I didn’t find her! So I was disappointed that I couldn’t redeem myself from looking crazy. We were leaving the beach, and I looked up at the moonlight and just at that moment I saw this beautiful white dove, “Look Honey!!” I pointed and screamed with enthusiasm. “Look at the beautiful white dove! I’ve never seen a dove at night before,” He looked in the sky and smiled. He said, “I’ve never seen a white dove at night either, but it feels good to know that an angel is protecting us” I looked puzzled, so he continued to say, “A white dove is a symbol of an angel from heaven looking upon you. I hope that’s my mama looking on us. I really wish you could have spent some time with her. She would really like you.” And he laughed, “You are a piece of art that she would have loved to watch be created.” I cried. At that moment, I understood who that beautiful older lady was on the beach, and I began to cry more. “Honey, I think she has expressed all she needed to say to me today.” And we went home in perfect peace.

At that very moment, the alarm woke me up for work and I cried again. This time tears of joy. My husband who was already dressed for work, asked me what was wrong. I knew he was late so I just told him that I loved him and to go to work. Everything was OK. I just had a very emotional dream. He gave me a kiss and left to start his day. I couldn’t move to start my day so I prayed and I thanked God for His mercy and grace over our lives. Then I thanked my mother-in-law for being our guardian angel. It felt so good to know she approved of me. That was something that I always worried about, but GOD sent me the answer that I was seeking. Love is such a powerful thing that your guardian angel would come down to earth to deliver you a message of peace and prosperity.

These are the Power of Love…


Author: epiphany2000

Mother and loving wife that loves her family dearly, but inspires to publish a book of devotionals, short poems and motivational pieces for any one that needs a hug from time to time...

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