Power of Forgiveness…

heaven2What does it feel like to have the power to forgive?

Does it feel like joy dancing around in your heart?

Does it feel like waves soaring in the ocean breeze?

What does it feel like to have the power to forgive?

Because I surely don’t know what that is.

What does… what does it feel like to have the power to forgive?

To forgive thy mother whose harsh and cruel words

 sometimes slit your throat, and stopped you from breathing

But those same words were your motivation;

Yet she loved like no other… Unconditional love.

To forgive thy father who left you in this relentless world;

To be raised, when in fact he should have done it himself,

Yet he has taught you so many lessons… lessons on life and survival.

What does it feel like to forgive the people in the street?

After they have chased you and beat you

and transformed you into a heartless woman,

All because you don’t follow the status quo.

Your name means more than who you are as a person.

What does it feel like to forgive… forgive anyone and anything?

That deemed it necessary to take a piece of you…

With every debilitating stare, words from a violent tongue,

With every pulsating blow right to the head,

With every knife that pierced your little body…

They took a piece of you and diminished  you to nothing…

What does it feel like?

They know not what they do, they had no way of understanding.

It was all that they knew how to do and that’s survive.

So how do you forgive?

How do you open up your heart, when there is nothing left but a brick wall,

How do you love your child when there’s convictions of what true love really is,

I know my mother loves me. I know my father loves me.

But God bless the child who carries its own…

I’m at the place right now, where I have to carry my own.

God is staring me in my face,

Speaking ever so clearly… “I’m here, I’m here My child, I’m here.

Accept me. Believe me. Trust me. I’ve always carried you through.

I’ve carried you through the times when you thought no one was there.

When no one was listening, watching or staring you in the face.

I’ve carried you through the times when your heart was so broken,

And the pain was so intense, you thought that life wasn’t worthy of your presence.

I was there My child to pick up off the floor  when you were stomped down. So you see, I’ve always been there even when you had no knowledge of who I was.

The abuse. The turmoil. The confusion. The defeat. Yes! I’ve been through it all with you. I was the one that gave you the strength to carry you through.

Speaking on your behalf  when you had no knowledge of who I am.”

God is staring me in my face, telling me to forgive myself.

“You couldn’t change the environment that you were in, but I’m telling you now to change the mindset that you have! You know better now! You know me!

Oh how awesome is our God!!!

It is so powerful to be able to forgive.


I forgive. I forgive myself…

I forgive myself for allowing my Self to beat up on myself for so many years. For the choices that I’ve chosen to make, knowing that they were the choices that I shouldn’t have made. For allowing myself to be used and abused. For allowing myself to be played for a fool.

I forgive myself for being a victim in my world of convictions.

For not standing up and declaring my own victory. I forgive myself!

Oh God, I thank You!!! I thank You for allowing me to say that I forgive myself. I couldn’t have made it without You, without releasing the burdens of my soul. Thank You for being a merciful God!

I couldn’t go any further if I couldn’t forgive myself.

How could I seek the ultimate kingdom if I couldn’t love myself?

How could I love another if I couldn’t help myself?

I stand today to release Boo-bie.

Boo-bie was my savior,

Boo-bie can rest and its time for Na-Tasha to Rise!

The power of forgiveness…

The power of forgiveness puts joy in your heart!

The power of forgiveness puts peace in your mind!

The power of forgiveness puts serenity in your world!

OH WOW!!! This is the feeling of forgiveness.

I rejoice! I rejoice! I rejoice! because I forgive.

I love! I’ve conquered!!!

What a joy, To embrace the power of forgiveness!



Author: epiphany2000

Mother and loving wife that loves her family dearly, but inspires to publish a book of devotionals, short poems and motivational pieces for any one that needs a hug from time to time...

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