Years ago when I was young,  I believed in the morning sun.

When it rises I was at peace,

Despite all the anger and turmoil that eventually created a beast.


Time moved on and life has taken effect;

I clinched at the sight of people and their many antics.

My family were my keepers and I was theirs,

We loved and we fought but still remains, they were my all and my everything.

Life became harsh and crueler by the day

But I still believed that as the sun arised, I will be okay.

Then the most amazing thing appeared. I became the mother of this precious teddy bear.

She gave me hope, she built my pride

I began to see life clearer as the sun continues to rise…


Trials and tribulations are going to come;

It’s how you handle them that matters, at least for some.

GOD knew I was on a road to destruction,

So HE sent me an angel to tell me something…

“Take a minute, my child. Stop and breath. I had a problem because you stopped believing in me. No matter what happens in life, look at the rising sun, through its rays and light I will bring you peace and eternal comfort.”

My daughter, I see!! Became the person who reminded me to believe.

“Mommy, look at the birds in the sky. Mommy, look at how the sun is so high. Mommy, smell the flowers in the rose bush ahead. Where do it come from? How did it all get here?”

Before I understood the creator of the Earth, I believed HE moved gracefully among us.

So I said, “HE is the Father of all things. The King of all Kings. HE is the reason why you are here. HE is the reason I have no fear.”

From that day forth, I understood why when the sun arose I was at peace and I was all good.

The moment I gave that up. Life obstacles began to turn me into dust.

My GOD… HE heard my cry and gave me reason to rise!!

My daughter gave me life. My daughter gave me breath.

I vowed to never let life take away my peace ever again.

Today, Life happens… It’s inevitable!!

But I truly believe… I truly have faith…

I trust My GOD will always be leading the way!!!