Deal with It…


“When you are angry, don’t let that anger make you sin,” and don’t stay angry all day. Don’t give the devil a way to defeat you (Ephesians 4:26-27).

It is never going to be easy to deal with anger, but it is something that needs to be done. Acknowledge that’s there; dig deep down to the roots of the anger, dig it up from beneath the layers of denial and deal with it. It may seem “unchristian-like” to be indignant, so you’ve become a professional at suffering from animosity with grace. Usually, when we can’t seem to get over rejection, heartache, or pain; anger is the root of the problem.

Anger has been festering at your wound for a very long time. Now it the time to heal that nasty wound. You are tired of being hurt. You no longer want to be vulnerable and exposed.

Yes!! it is not a sin to be mad or upset, but it is a sin to let anger fester into resentment, bitterness, or destructive rage.


Dear Father,

Please help us to deal with it. We know that if it is not of you, it is not welcome in your house and we need to get rid of it. Help us to promote a clean house for you to dwell in, Oh Lord! A house where you can rest, and be at peace. A house where the devil would not be able to survive in. Thank you Father, for showing us how the right path and it’s through your word. Anger will no longer cause suffering, heartache and pain, because I’m just going to deal with it.