Philippians 4:9 
“And do what you learned and received from me-what I told you and what you saw me do. And the God who gives peace will be with you.”


I can become someone’s miracle. Sometimes you have to step out of your comfort zone just to be a blessing for another. In that very moment, As I was asked a question on maybe helping this lost spirit/this confused heart… I got nervous, I asked God “Am I ready? Am I ready to be a blessing to another?” Just as swiftly, He spoke “My Daughter, Watch and Learn.” At that very moment, I became a blessing to myself. Just as I began to let GOD speak to this young lady through me, my compassion became HIS, my mercy became HIS; and even though I never considered myself as a judgmental person because I remember all the wrongs I have done in my life, I looked at this young lady and saw no sinner. That’s how much compassion he gave me for a complete stranger, a lost spirit/confused heart… I’ve never worked with this woman until that day, but GOD drew her to me so I can be her miracle for that day. You never know when you will be called to duty to become someone’s miracle. I have always been considered a person you come to if you want the truth, but to speak life over someone’s life, to bless someone’s mind, body and soul was stepping out of my comfort zone but I trust what GOD was teaching me that day. I can be someone’s miracle. Continue to show GOD’s love and mercy each and every day of your life and watch GOD show up and show out… This is my declaration over my life today and everyday…


Our Actions Speak Louder Than Our Words

Colossians 1:29

“So we continue to tell people about Christ. We use all wisdom to counsel every person and teach every person. We are trying to bring everyone before GOD as people who have grown to be spiritually mature in Christ.”


This is something I’ve always heard my mother and my grandmother constantly tell me. What you do is always more valuable than what you say you can do. The funny thing about it is: This holds true even with GOD. HE too wants us to demonstrate actions along with our daily great faith and daily prayers, just as we want him to demonstrate that great miracle or that wonderful blessing. It’s funny how we always want GOD to be obedient to our requests, and show us his promises to us; which in DUE time HE does… But yet, we don’t want to be obedient to HIM and demonstrate any actions behind our faith. Be bold and drastic for our love of GOD. Don’t hide it. Show GOD that you have that crazy faith, that HE comes first in your life, that HE is worthy to be praised always; and watch how HE can show up and show out because at the end of the day; all GOD truly wants us to do is praise and glorify him. So the next time, when your back is against the wall, break out that crazy act of trust, make that bold leap of faith and show GOD that HE is the only GOD and watch HIM work… This is my declaration over my life today and always.

“Your Actions Speak Louder Than Your Words”



“I’m not giving you the power anymore! Did you hear me? I shouted to the top of my lungs, laid out on my living room floor, panting for breath, tears burning and streaming down my face. I’m not giving you the power anymore! You can’t have my home! You can’t have my family! You can’t have my joy! You can’t have my peace! NO, NO, NO Devil; I won’t give it to you!!!” 

Sometimes we have the tendency to give people too much power over our lives. But I stand before you to say, NO MORE!! Some things I’ve learned are obstacles that come intended; JUST to steal our joy and peace. Knowing that GOD is love, joy and happiness. We can no longer allow others to upset us or take us out of our element with GOD because then they would have won. They would have gained control over you, which is all that is needed to deter you from GOD’s promises. 

For so many years, my joy and happiness was based on how others perceived me but I can’t do that anymore… LOL!! My self-worth is now dictated by GOD. Now, since no one can no longer steal my joy, there is no reason why I can’t stay calm and at peace from here on out.